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Who Dis B?

You may be wondering who is writing all of this and who will be hosting these interviews encompassing badasses, tea, and glorious conversations..

Well, allow me to introduce myself.


My name is B.

Actually it's Bianca, but you can call me B.

My mother is a Puerto Rican local from San Juan and my father a German, Scottish, Portuguese, and Danish mutt from North Carolina. 

I have a Bachelors of Science Degree, with a Major in Communication, Minor in Psychology, and an Independent Study on Communication through Food at Appalachian State University. I also procured an Associates of Arts Degree at Wake Technical Community College.

I have certification in Master Herbalist from the International Open Academy, The Lucy Daniels Center SEED Project, as well as the iLEAD (Integrated Leadership Education and Development) Certificate and membership in Lambda Pi Eta, The National Communication Honor Society at ASU.

My younger brother, Dylan, and I were raised in Brevard, North Carolina by our father. Our parents divorced when I was 6.  Growing up, I struggled with communication, stammering and stuttering when having emotional debates.  My father showed me poetry to aid my communication.  My experiences as a child developed my passion to study education, psychology, and communication.  I wanted to understand why we choose certain paths and why we may be unhappy at any present moment. I wanted to know how we could change it.

 I decided to create my own dream after multiple failed attempts to find happiness working to build someone else's.  That drive only lasted so long.  I have a desire to teach, entertain, and enlighten. The goal is to travel and speak with open-minded, achieved, and passionate individuals who would like to share pieces of themselves to help engage, enlighten, entertain, and inform the public.  I wanna talk to badass individuals. Simple.

From North Carolina I traveled throughout California to pursue my studies in herbal medicine for months and finally landed in Denver, Colorado where I had nothing but a skateboard, suitcase, and $100 from my savings. I really needed a job. Luckily, I got a job within my first week of tossing resumes at a tea shop, called Capital Tea. Shani, the owner, was my savior. I vowed she'd be the first person I'd interview.  

 My love for herbal medicine thrived when I moved to Colorado.  I had been wanting to work in the medical marijuana industry.  I was surprised to find such a large welcoming community.  It seems like everyone here, including myself, wants to save the world with natural medicine.  

During one of my skate sessions, I came across an organic CBD company, ColorUp Therapeutics, that was oozing loving vibes.  Their products are clean, crafted by certified chemists, and derived from hemp! After a few more meetings, I was a lab assistant and brand ambassador. I was happy doing everything I loved, but once a year began approaching, it felt like something was missing. 

I needed more time to work on my dream, LifeFlux.  I have a vision, and I want it to be good.  I quit both jobs and began driving for Uber.  Despite having to leave, because of my crazy passion to educate and travel, my past jobs decided to sponsor the dream.  I guess you can say we're family, and everyone is welcome to join.  So here we are. Dis is me.  I decided I wanted to travel, talk, teach and share some tea.

Why Podcast?

Mental and physical health has always been important to me.  I grew up around a lot of depression, anxiety and suicide.  I lost friends and almost my mother.  I want to show people why they should stick around and help them find their passions.  We don't know what we are doing here. Let's figure it out together.

For another reason, I found that having a podcast is the easiest way to share information and stay connected with people all over the world.  After working as a substitute teacher at O'Powell elementary In Texas, then A, B, C Day Care in North Carolina, while gaining education to become a second grade teacher (which was my original goal) I found out that the education institutions lacked healthy food, tools for education (which came out of the pockets of many teachers i know) and upmost honesty. Working as a sub made me realize how little teachers make when they should be paid like doctors.  My heart ached once the children left after a year. How could I further educate and help guide these children if I only get one year with them? So, here we are. I braced my fears of social interactions, technology, and putting myself out there. I want to help people turn away from suicidal thoughts and unleash the star within.  I want to help make this world a better place.  Putting a spotlight on badasses who were brave enough to take a leap into the direction of their passion and share their struggles, perspectives, knowledge and advice, seems to be a good start. I believe we can learn from people so that we may all achieve our dreams all while enjoying a soothing cup of tea.

Why Tea?

Tea has always held some romantic significance in my life.  I find that love is the main reason we stick around.  For whatever love that may be. My father, a Captain for American Airlines, would purchase teacups for my mother from around the world.  She has a large china hutch where she still keeps them.  She allowed me only one teacup to use at a time and some were off limits. I admired the craftsmanship and demand for respect: they possess such elegance and sense of communion.

Tea is also filled with healthy components and should be shared with the world.  Why pop a pill that has negative side effects when you can have peppermint tea? Tea may not cure everything but it is worth a try.  I mean who knows right? Some Holistic doctors do.  What I know, is tea can soothe and aid millions of things.  From mental to physical disorders, tea has been practiced in herbal medicine for centuries.  Herbal medicine has helped our ancestors survive and helped create the pharmaceutical industry today.  We must only reach out and grasp the knowledge for ourselves, learn more about our bodies, the effects of food, chemicals, energy and even people.

Tea is more than healthy.  It brings us back to our primal instincts.  No matter how different we are, at least we can agree that this tea is damn good.  Right then.  That's when the magic happens.  All of sudden we are smiling for no reason.  Is it the funny questions? Is it the tea? Is it because we're drinking like Old Victorian Queens out of fancy tea cups? Who knows? It's too late. We are already having a fun time because we're drinking tea. We are nourishing our bodies and having a good time while taking a stroll down memory lane.

Tune in for any reason at all.  To laugh, learn and be filled with hope. Feel free to contact me if you'd like to have tea.

- B

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