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What The Flux?!


The Who are You.

 LifeFlux shares stories on a community of badasses who strive to make the world a better place in their own way.  


LifeFlux is a traveling podcast with goals to inspire, educate and entertain the independent, creative mind.


Then and now.

The idea of LifeFlux was made in 2014 on a bomb ass leather couch with a bottle of rum and a couple of badasses.

Now LifeFlux travels the world to meet and discuss an array of topics with amazing individuals.


Check out 'Tea with B' for future Badass Tea Interviews.

Look up LifeFlux on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Overcast to Tune in. Follow LifeFlux on Instagram @Thisislifeflux or LifeFlux on Facebook.


LifeFlux was created to help people find what they love, do it, and be happy.


Passion ignites the soul.  By listening to amazing people discuss their passions and the flux of life, we may have fun while learning different perspectives, new ways of maneuvering and approaching obstacles, and how to simply be happy by sharing what we love to do.

LifeFlux is made possible by our badass fluxers, donations and merch sales, the crew made up of Oberon, Zanurah and I, our sponsors, Anchor, Capitol Tea, and Color Up Therapeutics, and everybody else that has given us food to eat, places to stay, and people to meet.




I want you, the reader, to know you are an amazing and beautiful badass. Embrace your passion and do your best. 

Let's have tea sometime.

 - B


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